Is there a parking near the hostel? Is it free?
Despite being very close to Ortigia, we are not in traffic limited zone, so you can reach us directly by car. In front of the hostel there are free parking spaces and some of them are also reserved for our guests. Parking here is not a problem and once you come to the hostel all the main attractions are reachable within a short walk, so you do not need to use the car to visit the town. However, having a car is useful to reach the best places of interest of the province and the best beaches. You can also rent a car here as there is a local agency which offers car and bike rentals at very cheap prices.
I have tried to book a bed in 20bed (or 10bed) room but the system asks me for the payment of the whole room. Why?
Simple: by mistake you have chosen the rate of a private room (20bed PRIVATE or 10bed PRIVATE), which is the rate for groups or small groups, so to get that rate you have to book all the beds of the room. To book single beds in shared dorm you have to choose MIXED DORM or FEMALE DORM (e.g. 20Bed mixed dorm ensuite).
Are Linen and towels included?
Yes, bed linen and towels are always included in the price. The private double privates are already done by us as in every hotel (you will find shower towels and hand towels in the room and we provide daily room service). In the doubles the bathroom has a hairdryer and courtesy kit with soap and shower gel/shampoo. About dorms, upon arrival each guest is given a set of two sheets, a shower towel and a pillow case. Even for the dorm we provide daily room cleaning service. Blankets are already found in all rooms and dorms.
What time are check in and check out?
Check in is normally after 12.00, but sometimes the previous occupants leave the rooms before 11.00 and we manage to prepare and clean the rooms before 12.00. Anyway, if you check in before 12.00, you can leave your luggage in our luggage storage and start your trip. Check out is at 11.00
Can I leave my luggage after check out?
Yes, we have a luggage room and you can leave your luggage there for free but you are kindly requested NOT to use the kitchen and facilities after check out, to avoid that the people who are in the house have to queue.
Breakfast is included?
No, breakfast is not included. We offer complimentary coffee and tea in the morning (self catering).
Do you have availability for this day in that kind of room?
We are always here to answer to your enquiries about availability. However, especially during high season, due to the high number daily messages, it is difficult to do in a short time. There is an easier way to check yourself in a few seconds. In the "book now" section of the site, enter your arrival date, number of people (guests) and number of nights, you will see immediately if there is availability in all the different types of rooms. We would appreciate if you could use this system automatically and contact us if you have doubts or in special cases (e.g. for long stays, where it is difficult to find availability in the same room for the whole period). After checking the availability, if you wish, you can book directly with a credit card on a secure server, by entering the number of beds that you wish to book. While for female dorms or mixed dorms you can book a single bed or more than one bed, for private rooms (private xbed ensuite) you need to book for a number of people corresponding to the number of beds in that room (e.g. if you enter a private 4bed you have too book for 4 people. If you enter less than 4 guests because for example you are 3 but want a larger room, the price automatically calculated will be the same of that for 4 persons). Please make sure that you enter your correct email address, so that after finishing your booking, you will receive two emails, one sent immediately by the system and a personalized email sent by us within a few hours.
I have a debit card and I cannot book with the booking engine. How can I do?
Our online booking system does not accept debit cards. It accepts only Visa and Mastercard. However you can ask a relative or a friend to provide his/her card number, as the system does not require that the holder of the card is the person who books. The only alternative are: -bank transferring a deposit, usually the amount due for the first night, more in august.To do this, contact us and we will confirm availability and provide the bank codes. -booking by telephone. Call us 0039-0931-465088 to provide a valid credit card number (no debit cards) name of the holder and all the details. These data will be stored in a secure server and deleted after the check out. We handle thousands of reservations with credit cards in accordance with italian and international laws and we never had any problems in several years of activity. Please note that, except for May to August and except for the double rooms and quadruples or 4bed dorms which are limited in number and are often booked well in advance, it is often possible to find free beds in the hostel without any reservation. So you can also check availability online and then you can walk in without reservation.
I booked and I want to extend one or more days. Do I have to use the new online system by paying a booking fee of 1.50 eur?
To avoid paying a new booking fee (which does not go to us but to the company that provides the booking engine), send us an email to, possibly responding to our welcome email "Welcome to LoLhostel"so that we have immediately the data needed. We will extend your stay if there is availability and confirm you the change via email.
Can I pay by credit or debit card in the hostel?
Yes, the hostel you can pay cash or by credit and debit card, but to cover the commissions charged on each transaction, we are forced to ask, just for card payments made in the hostel, an extra 2% if paid by Visa and Mastercard and 3% if you pay with American Express in the hostel (e.g. If your bill is eur 20 you will pay eur 20,40, only 40 cents more), exactly equal to the commissions that we pay to VISA and MASTERCARD In any case, 100 meters from here there is an ATM where you can withdraw cash and pay no extra charge.
How about cancellations? How much do I need to pay?
Keeping a room or a bed booked for a short or long time and then cancelling the reservation is a serious damage for us. We provide all the information needed (bus and train timetables) to avoid errors, so please book when you are sure about the dates and if possible avoid cancellations, even partial cancellations. If you use the portals the conditions are stated in our minisites, while if you use our website you will have up to 48 hours prior to arrival to cancel. If you cancel before 48 hours prior to the arrival you will lose only the 10% deposit paid. In case of cancellation after the 48 hours prior to the arrival we will charge the entire amount due for the whole stay onto your credit card. For partial cancellations (e.g. shorten stay or less people than expected) the 48 hours deadline is referred to the arrival date and hour, not to the night cancelled. If you have booked a private room and then less than the expected number of people will come (e.g. Reservation for a 6bed private, only 5 people arrive), the amount due will not be reduced. We are very strict in following these rules, we regret to inform you that no exceptions will be made. For groups we apply different conditions, which we will explain via email in advance. WE KINDLY ASK YOU, AS FAR AS POSSIBLE, TO AVOID CANCELLATIONS AND CHANGE OF DATES, ESPECIALLY IN HIGH SEASON.
How can I reach the hostel by public transport from all the Sicilian cities:
In the location section of this site you will find all the best routes and link to the timetables of buses and trains to Syracuse
Do you organize airport pick up?
Yes, we do provide this service at lower prices than normal taxis, but we need to know at least 3-4 days in advance. Please email us for further information.
Is the Hostel far from Ortigia and the Archaological Park?
Not at all, the hostel is located exactly halfway between the two main attractions, Ortygia and the Archaeological Park, both less than 10 minutes walking from here on the two main roads. Please note that if you stay in Ortigia, then the Archaological area is more than 20 minutes far away. We are located in the center of the city, 50 meters from the train station and bus station from which all the buses and trains to all the destinations and beaches depart and arrive, and 200 meters from Piazza Marconi, which is the junction between the two main streets,Corso Umberto and Corso Gelone. From Piazza Marconi (1 minute walk from here) if you turn left and walk 8-10 minutes you will get to the archaeological park and museum area, while if from Piazza Marconi you go straight and walk 8-10 minutes you will get to Ortigia island. There is also a free shuttle bus from the bus station to Ortigia, but this is convenient only when it is raining, as it is much faster to walk.
Can you go by bus to Ortygia?
Ortigia is very close walking, but from the bus station, 50 meters from here, a free shuttle bus service is provided by AST to Ortigia, but this is convenient only when it is raining, as it is much shorter if you walk.
Do rooms and dorms have en suite bathrooms and air-conditioned?
ALL of our private rooms and ALL types of dorms have bathrooms with hot and cold shower and all new air conditioners. The private doubles have also hairdryer and bath amenities tv lcd, entry phone to the reception and mini-fridge.
Is there a television in the rooms?
Only double rooms ("double private ensuite") have a digital LCD TV. For obvious reasons there is no TV in the dorms. You can watch digital TV with free movies also in english and free football matches in the common area.
Does the hostel have air-conditioned and heating also in the common areas?
All rooms and al the interior common areas of the hostel have air conditioned in summer and heating in winter..
Is there always hot water in the showers?
The hostel has a new water heating system with gas boilers. In all rooms you will always have hot water. Important to know is that from 6 am to 10.30 and from 17.00 to 22.00, when the system is turned on, the hot water immediately flows, while in other times of the day you could wait up to 20-30 seconds to get the hot water, which however is always there, 24 hours a day. There are no limits, but please use water and energy responsibly, to avoid wastes.
After breakfast or lunch am i supposed to wash cups and cutlery?
Yes, the rule of any hostel, including our own, is that every guest must wash cups, dishes and cutlery after breakfast and after every use, to leave the kitchen clean for other guests. Detergents and sponges are provided.
Is the city safe?
Syracuse is one of the nicest and safest cities in Sicily, we have never had security problems in several years, inside and outside the hostel, so do not worry at all about security here.
Is there any curfew or lockout?
Not at all, from May to September, the reception is open 24 hours. In April and October it is open until 02 am while in winter (apart from new years eve) it is open until 01 am, but we provide a key to each guest to come back and enter the hostel at any time.
Are there lockers in the dorms?
Of course, in each dorm there are private lockers with keys given to each guest upon arrival.
Is the use of the kitchen free?
The use of our fully equipped kitchen is free 24 hours a day. We never close it but usually around 11.00 to 13.00, when there are no people cooking, we spend half hour to clean it.
Is there any supermarket or place where i can buy food nearby?
Sure! The only supermarket of the center is located 50 meters from here. So you can buy food and use our kitchen to organize nice and cheap lunchs and dinners in our beautiful courtyard. If you don't want to cook, there are plenty of other options, like a pizzeria take away and other shops nearby, where you can buy very good food at very cheap prices.
Are there common fridges available?
Yes, you can leave your food and drinks in two large fridges placed in the kitchen. In our double privates there is also a mini fridge inside each room.
How does internet and wifi work?
The entire structure is covered with a very fast wifi internet network, that you can use for free (the password will be provided when you check in). Those who do not have their own computer or smartphone can also use our public computers at the cheap rate of eur 1 per half hour.
Is it possible to print?
Yes, using our public computers you can print boarding passes and files at the price of 10 cents per page.
Is it possible to use a phone?
For those who have a Skype account we offer a free skype phone to call from our computers at skype rates. For emergency calls you can always ask the receptionist who will assist you all the time.
Is there a laundry? Is it possible to iron my clothes?
Yes, we have a laundry room with wash machine and dryer available to guests at the price of eur 3 for washing and eur 3.50 for drying, including detergent and softener. You can hand wash and iron your clothes for free. The clothes can be dried manually leaving them for free on our clothes horses in the backyard.
Are the beaches close to the hostel?
Syracuse is surrounded by sea, but in the city there are no real beaches. All the beautiful sandy beaches of Syracuse, among the best in Sicily, are located a few kilometers south of the city and are accessible by city buses that depart from the bus station, 50 meters from the hostel. So if you want to enjoy the beauty of the town and at the same time have quick access to the beaches there is no better location than ours. From June to September it is also possible to swim in Ortigia under the cliffs of Forte Vigliena (10 minutes walking from the hostel), where a wooden platform is located only in summer. In the Beaches (link alla pagina beaches) section of this site you will find pictures of the best beaches nearby and indications about how to reach them. More indications will be given at the reception.