Marchesa del cassibile

Wonderful beach close to the river Cassibile, There are showers in the wood close by but no umbrellas and sunbeds. Free entrance but the parking is quite expensive and there are no other places where you can park the car It is located 3.5 km from the highway exit Cassibile.


Can be reached only by car/motorbike (15 minutes from Syracuse) From the hostel go right, go past the train station, via Ermocrate and go over the big roundabout towards “Noto-Avola” and all the directions (Catania included). Continue past the cemetery with a first set of traffic lights, and past the second traffic light.

Keep on going straight ahead. When you see the blue sign to Catania (on the right) slow down a bit but continue past the exit Catania, and after 100 meters take the first left (following the green sign to Gela-Noto-Avola Rosolini: it is the same road to Catania but in the opposite direction).

Once on the motorway Siracusa-Noto-Avola-Rosolini, take the exit CASSIBILE and then take the SS115 to Avola. After 3.5 km you cross a bridge. 200 m after the bridge on the left you see a rural building with a sign "Foce del Cassibile”. Slow down and in front of the building turn right into the small road where the sign"Pineta of Gelsomineto" is located, go straight past the underpass and after few meters you reach the entrance of the parking