Syracuse - Night life

Syracusa is a very safe city in which you can walk at any time night and day without any worries at all. For those who love fun and relaxing, inside the hostel we have a bar with good drinks att he cheapest prices in town, where it is very easy to meet new friend from all over the world. Close to the hostel, in the area of Corso Umberto I and Via Malta, there are pubs and restaurants for all tastes, from alternative places to the more elegant, while in Ortigia you can find every night hundreds of bar restaurants, clubs with live music and cultural events. In summer in the north part of the city (about Riviera Dionisio il Grande, just 25 minutes walking from the hostel) the charming disco-pub Zen is open, with platforms overlooking the beautiful sea and good music, while in nearby Fontane Bianche there are plenty of discos and pubs.

Syracuse is a popular tourist destination, but to enjoy unforgettable moments of intense fun is not necessary to spend much money. It is important to know where to go and to avoid places "for tourists", where usually poor quality food and drinks are sold at exorbitant prices. Upon arrival our staff will give you all the information needed to avoid those places and to discover the city's most authentic places.

We will give you a personalized map with all the indications about the best restaurant and pubs where the locals usually go and where you can taste the delicacies of local cuisine spending little money. You will be able to cook in our kitchen getting food from the supermarket and (better) the local market, but we will also offer you all the best alternatives close by to have quick lunches and dinners, snacks, aperitif, to taste the local specialities, the best ice cream shops and nightlife venues, always combining the best quality with the lowest prices. With our tips you can fully enjoy the magic nights of Syracuse and its delights and never spend too much.