The ideal low cost accomodation for groups in Sicily. LoLhostel is the ideal place if you look for accommodation in Sicily Siracusa, for school groups, university groups and every other kind of children and adults groups, and is the only low cost hostel with the quality of a hotel in Syracuse that can accommodate groups of up to 65 persons, plus other 55 people can be accommodated in other excellent hotels here in the center of Siracusa, very close to the hostel, for a maximum capacity of 120 participants. Apart from the quality of the structure and services, comparable to the best higher categories hotels, the great advantage of choosing our hostel is that here the participants are not forced to stay in a hotel lobby or closed in their hotel rooms, but can move freely in our huge common areas and private garden, all covered with wifi internet and public computers available for guests, laundry, games, music and a bar, in a safe and international environment.

Big comfortable rooms for the guests. Our rooms for students are spacious, all with air conditioned, private bathrooms and lockers. It is not mandatory, however, to fill them completely: usually for groups we organize and purpose the best distribution of guys and girls in the rooms, according to your needs and our availability, so that you have the minimum number of participants per number of bathrooms.

Luxury doubles for guides and teachers of the group. For group guides and teachers, two beautiful double private rooms(one of which is a twin), plus one quadruple are available. For groups requiring more than three rooms for guides or teachers, we will find excellent accommodation in a nearby hotels at special prices, so the extra guides can stay all day with the group in our structure, and sleep very close to the hostel, here in the center of Siracusa.

The ideal base to explore Eastern Sicily with your group. Syracuse is the perfect base to make it possible for your group to explore all the most important places of interest located in the breathtaking eastern Sicily, as all of them can be visited with short bus or train trips. Apart from the countless treasures of art and archeology in the city of Siracusa, from here it will be easy for the group to visit the most interesting places in eastern Sicily without spending much time and money, and to reach all the main sicilian destinations like Catania and Mt. Etna,as well as Taormina, as well as Noto, and all the others beautiful sites like Pantalica, Vendicari Natural Reserve, the Villa del Tellaro, Noto Antica or Alveria Park, Palazzolo Acreide, Thapsos and Megara Hyblea, Marzamemi, Portopalo, Cavagrande del Cassibile, Ragusa, Scicli, Modica and Ispica, plus the most beautiful beaches in Sicily, which are all near Siracusa.

Best location in town, close to all attractions. Our location, just minutes walking distance from Ortigia, the Archaeological Park and the Greek Theatre, both just less than 10 minutes walking from here, and the fact that the area where the hostel is located is not closed to traffic, make it possible for the participants of the group to arrive by bus or by train in front of the hostel, which is impossible in Ortygia, and to use the buses only for trips out of town, saving a lot of money. In May and June, when in the Greek theatre the greek tragedies are represented, unique show that attracts visitors from all over the world, our guests do not need a bus to go there.

Cook together for free, save money and have fun. Our beautiful fully equipped kitchen, which is the heart of the structure and the place where it is easy to mingle with other travellers from all over the world, is also an opportunity for many groups to organize dinners and lunches at very low cost (the only supermarket of the center is located 50 meters from here), and indeed, the act of cooking together, especially for school groups, becomes, as well as a method to save money, part of the travel experience. In addition, nearby in the center of Siracusa there are very good and cheap restaurants, pizzerias and bars that can offer excellent take away or sit in meals for groups, so that, following our indications, it is possible to organize lunches and dinners in the hostel, enjoying excellent local specialties at very reasonable prices, even with only 3 or 4 euros per person.

Follow our tips and make the most of your stay! Our staff is at your disposal to help you organize your stay, and to give you the best tips about timetables of all the museums and places of interest in town and out of town, where to get the best food at the most reasonable prices, nightlife, events. Moreover through affiliated agencies, we can help you to get cheap airline tickets, tickets for events and to organize tours with private buses to any place in Sicily. The excellent reputation and the reviews left on the main touristic portal (tripadvisor and others) by our customers who have accompanied groups, and the fact that those who come for the first time, then come back every year, are the best guarantee of the success of your stay.


For information and prices for groups, please use the form below. For groups requiring gender separated rooms and private rooms for guides, please also specify the number of males and females, and preferences for the accommodation of the guides, so that way we can quickly send you a final offer. Otherwise we can still provide info about availability and a range of prices.

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