The Altar of Hieron II

Noxt to the Roman Amphitheatre on the west side, is visible The Altar of Hieron II, a huge monument of the third century BC, known as the world's largest altar of the Greek period.

In it there were two entrances, north and south, the latter flanked by two “Telamons” (A Telamon is a sculptural support), of which only the feet of the one placed on the right side still remain. Only the base of the altar remains, being carved into the rock, while the upper part built of stone blocks, was demolished in the sixteenth century by the Spaniards. This Altar is the largest in the entire Greek world, being 198 meters long and 22 meters wide, and is supposed to be dedicated to Jupiter Liberator (Zeus Eleftherios), in honor of whom, according to Diodorus Siculus, was celebrated the festival of the Eleutheria, with the sacrifice of 450 bulls at a time.

This helps us to understand how important was the Greek City of Syracuse, as there are no evidences of such huge sacrifices in any other city of Magna Graecia.

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