Roman Gymnasium

In Via Elorina, a few minutes walk from the hostel, is located the Roman Gymnasium, a monumental complex that can be dated around the late first century BC This included a Roman porch, a temple and a theatre.

Today are visible the first steps of the theatre, consisting of a small auditorium and a scene, and parts of the wall of the porch, preserved only in the North and East side The orchestra is always full of water as it is below the level the sea.

The stage was attached to the front of the temple, which stood at the center of the quadrangle. All these characteristics suggest that the building was a sanctuary dedicated to Easten Cults and mysteries. Also recently have been found an inscription dedicated to Serapis, and a series of statues of Roman citizens of high social class.

Cicero himself, in the Verrines, speaks of a sanctuary dedicated to Serapis in Syracuse.

Address: Via Elorina
Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday from 9.00 to 13.00
Free entrance