Cordari CAVE

Within the Paradise quarries, near the Ear of Dionysius, one can admire the Cordari (Ropemakers) Cave, which once again is supported by pillars of stone left by the quarrymen, with big squared blocks hanging from the ceiling like huge stalactites. In its walls were excavated Byzantine tombs from which derives the name of “Via dei Sepolcri” "Street of Tombs", now partially viable.

It is called the Ropemakers Cave because, in the seventeenth century, some craftsmen used the cave to produce hemp ropes of any kind, favored by the natural moisture of the place (the tradition has died out only a few decades ago).

Very wide, with a succession of walls and spaces, from the rocky vault supported by tall pillars, this cave is certainly the most evocative found in the Latomia of Paradise.

These effects are further enhanced when the floor is covered with rain water or ground water coming from the vault. Noteworthy are the signs of the extraction of stone, while on the walls and ceilings can be observed the signs of the progressive detachment of blocks removed. Attached to the East side of the Rope Makers Cave, lies the cave of “Salnitro” (Saltpeter), the entrance of which is partly covered by a giant stone fallen from the ceiling, on which are visible the signs of the detachment of the limestone blocks.

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