The reserve of Plemmirio surrounds the beautiful peninsula of Maddalena, south of Syracuse, where you can find a real paradise with flat rocks on the sea and beautiful beaches surrounded by crystal clear and unpolluted water. Apart from the simple swimming and snorkeling, many agencies offer diving excursions in the reserve, renting the equipment. In fact, despite its proximity to the Syracusa, the Maddalena Peninsula surprizes the visitor for the biological diversity and its beautiful seabed. From Capo Castelluccio to Punta Tavernara, the seabed is low and uniform for several hundred yards, then suddenly drops to higher depths. From Punta Tavernara to Cape Murro di Porco, on the contrary the sea is arelady over 30-40 meters deep close to the cost.

In places where there is a sudden change of slope, there are many underwater caves full of life, with solitary corals, sponges, bryozoans, mantis shrimp, nudibranchs and several species of fish. In the lower depths is possible to encounter vast prairies of Posidonia with gigantic specimens of Pinna nobilis, the biggest shell of the Mediterranean. Capo Murro di Porco for its geographical features and the peculiarities of its waters is a great place for the observation of large pelagic fish, such as tuna, amberjacks, and marine mammals such as dolphins, whales and sperm whales. The geographical location and the particular morphology of the coastal zone, the incredible seabed, and many other aspects, make the area of the Capo Murro absolutely unique. In fact, you may experience emerged and submerged caves and cavities, and, after about 300 meters from the coast, very high depths.

-By bus n. 23 and 29 (from the bus station near the hostel)

-By car from the hostel go right, go past the train station and once you get to the big roundabout turn left to Via Columba. At the end turn right taking Via Elorina. From there follow the signs to Plemmirio (a few km.)