Vendicari or Vindicari is a naturalisti reserve established in 1984, and today is one of the most representative wetlands of Europe. Hundreds are the species of bird which choose it each year as a stop on the journey.

But the reserve is not only this. It is one of the few places where it is still possible to observe the typical Mediterranean maquis in all its splendor. Includes among the most beautiful beaches in Sicily, the breathtaking uncontaminate beaches of Marianelli, Calamosche, The tuna fishery beach, and the San Lorenzo Case Citadella beach. Many are, finally, the archaological sites located inside the reserve.From prehistoric to Greek and Roman (Eloro, the Hellenistic settlement), Byzantine age (Catacombs, Trigona), from the Arabs (the fortifications of Cittadella) to the Middle Ages (Swabian Tower) to the eighteenth century with the ruins of the tuna fishery, which has been in use until World War II.

Can be reached only by car/motorbike (20 minutes from Syracuse)

From the hostel go right, go past the train station, via Ermocrate and go over the big roundabout towards “Noto-Avola” and all the directions (Catania included). Continue past the cemetery with a first set of traffic lights, and past the second traffic light. Keep on going straight ahead. When you see the blue sign to Catania (on the right) slow down a bit but continue past the exit Catania, and after 100 meters take the first left (following the green sign to Gela-Noto-Avola Rosolini: it is the same road to Catania but in the opposite direction). Once on the motorway Siracusa-Noto-Avola-Rosolini, take the exit Noto (20 km - 10 minutes) and from there take the only road that from Noto leads to Pachino-Portopalo. After just 5 km take the small crossroad on the left where you see the sign Eloro Oasi Faunistica di Vendicari - Marianelli, which leads to the ruins of Eloro and Marianelli Beach, the northernmost of the reserve. After 1 km on the left there is Eloro archaological site, while to get to marianelli you have to go straigh down (unmade road), then left when you get to a wall and then straight down until the entrance of the reserve (parking there) Back on the Noto Pachino to the south, after a few km you will see on the left a small little road that leads to the beach of Calamosche, the most beautiful of the reserve. Take it until possible, then park and proceed walking (10 mins).

Back again on the Noto Pachino, to the south, after a few miles, take left when you find the indication to the main entrance of the reserve. Here there are swamps with wooden houses from which you can see migratory birds, and the main beach of Vendicari with its pictoresque tuna fishery. Further to the south, back on the Noto Pachino, you will find the junction to San Lorenzo Case Cittadella, the extreme southern zone of the reserve. One you get to San Lorenzo parking at the end of the most northern street (IX strada) and walk north (the sea is on your right) along the beautiful beach, until you reach the place where Caretta Caretta turtles lay their eggs from June, which is not accessible and protected by a fence.